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Aboriginal Initiative

We acknowledge that we worship on the traditional territories of the Wendat, the Haudenosaunee, and the Michi Sagiit Nishnaabeg, with our nearest neighbours being the Chippewas of Georgina Island.  For thousands of years, these Indigenous Peoples developed their knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual practices in caring for this planet so that their grandchildren’s grandchildren may also benefit from the gifts of Mother Earth.  We appreciate the teachings about respectfully connecting with all Human Beings and with all non-human Beings as relatives.  We also appreciate the teachings about putting into practice the principles of an Honourable Harvest.  It is good to walk beside Indigenous Peoples giving Creator/Gitchi Manidoo thanks for the many gifts of Mother Earth which sustain us each day. 

David's Reflection

Rev. David Franks announces

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As the Chair of the First Nations Metis and Inuit Committee, I want to communicate my appreciation for the generosity of the members of Trinity.

Since the Reign of Christ in November 2023, gifts totaling $10,030 have been received to forward to the Primates World Relief and Development Fund. Chief Eddie Mamakwa along with the other four Chiefs of the Shibogama Tribal Council decided to purchase a new water truck for Kingfisher Lake First Nation, built by Fort Garry Fire Trucks in Winnipeg to their specifications.

Their own experience with their current water truck through the long cold winters as well as the spring thaws and fall rains in northwestern Ontario taught them what was needed.

In making this decision, the Shibogama Tribal Council agreed to raise $80,000 to cover the additional costs.


During the first year of this campaign, the original plan was to raise $150,000 for a previously owned water truck for Kingfisher Lake First Nation.


By the beginning of the Advent Conspiracy campaign in November 2023, donations of $115,000 had been received from a number of parishes in southern Ontario so only $35,000 remained to be raised by Pimatisiwin Nipi.

THANK YOU for your passion for justice and your willingness to be in the right relationships with Indigenous People!

The Executuve Director Will Postma and the Sales Representative for Fort Garry Fire Trucks Ron Lavallee are in the picture where the new water truck was manufactured.

FNMI November

Please see a picture by the Ojibwe artist Norval Morrisseau which was given to Nanockashee Jake Charles along with a thank-you note of a quilted hummingbird in front of a large quilted yellow flower. 


On National Indigenous Sunday, many from the Parish expressed their appreciation to Nanockashee for his contributions to our worship.

HERE is the Advisory Board summary from June 2023 FNMI.


spirit garden (Opening 2024)

SPIRIT GARDEN will open in 2024 at Nathan Phillips Square beside Toronto City Hall.  SPIRIT GARDEN answers the Truth and Reconciliation Call to Action # 82, constructing a Memorial to Residential School Survivors as well as to the children and youth who attended residential schools in Ontario but did not return to their families or First Nation communities.  Nathan Phillips Square is an accessible and very visible location to celebrate the resiliency of survivors, their families, and their communities.  Space is available for teaching events and interactive learning activities. 

Although Trinity is experiencing financial difficulties as many other Anglican Churches are having currently, and the negative impact of inflation on household income, members of Trinity have been very generous over the years in supporting efforts to build the right relationships with Indigenous  Peoples.  Members of Trinity also know how even small gifts accumulate over time and accomplish much in the ongoing work of Reconciliation.  Please donate to Trinity Anglican Church in Aurora designated as FAITH WORKS SPIRIT GARDEN.


To learn more about the project, click HERE



We offer Lunch & Learns, Movie Nights & Coffee Hours focusing on the impact of poverty, Residential Schools and current events (Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Idle No More)


We work with the National Indigenous Bishop of Canada, Bishop Mark MacDonald, and his ‘water group’ Pimatisiwin Nipi to support clean and accessible water for all people in Canada

Spiritual walk

We support the integration of thoughtful prayers and Indigenous-focused worship services

Strategic Funding

We assist the First Peoples of Canada through participation in the Advent Conspiracy program each December. Our strategic funding has been focused on the Pikangikum Water Project through PWRDF.

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