Aboriginal Initiative

We acknowledge that Trinity Aurora is built on land cared for by the people of the William Treaty First Nations

(Chippewas of Beausoleil First Nation, Georgina Island First Nation, Rama First Nation, Mississaugas of Alderville First Nation, Curve Lake First Nation, Hiawatha First Nation, and the Scugog First Nation), and we respect the rich spiritual heritage that has been a part of this place for centuries. We honour their ancestors and people by acknowledging that we are their guests here on this land, and we strive to walk in a good way and care for the land while we are here.


We offer Lunch & Learns, Movie Nights & Coffee Hours focusing on the impact of poverty, Residential Schools and current events (Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Idle No More)


We work with the National Indigenous Bishop of Canada, Bishop Mark MacDonald, and his ‘water group’ Pimatisiwin Nipi to support clean and accessible water for all people in Canada

Spiritual walk

We support the integration of thoughtful prayers and Indigenous-focused worship services

Strategic Funding

We assist the First Peoples of Canada through participation in the Advent Conspiracy program each December. Our strategic funding has been focused on the Pikangikum Water Project through PWRDF.

Rev'd David Franks shared an important message with regard to the announcement released by Primate Linda Nicholls of the Anglican Church of Canada.



The Archbishop of Canterbury met with Indigenous Peoples at the end of April and the beginning of May 2022 in Canada. During his visit, Archbishop Justin Welby connected with the leadership of some Indigenous working groups, listened to survivors of residential schools at James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, and apologized for the various forms of harm done to Indigenous Peoples by the Church of England prior to and after confederation.

In his apology, Archbishop Welby spoke plainly about feeling ashamed and horrified by what happened in residential schools. When some of the Indigenous Anglicans pointed out that they did not blame the church for what happened, Archbishop Welby challenged them by stating that the church allowed various forms of abuse to happen and did not oppose what was being done to children and youth, noting that the church continues to be blind to what is happening today in harming Indigenous individuals, families, and communities.

Funding for language revitalization was identified as important in the work of reconciliation. The retrieval of documentation from the New England Company about the operation of residential schools became a task for the Archbishop of Canterbury to begin when he returned to England. A promise was given to explore how to support residential school survivors at the Lambeth Conference scheduled for August 2022.

Archbishop Welby also pointed out that further discussion needed to happen in the Anglican Church of Canada about the damage related to the implementation of the Doctrine of Discovery. As a result of this framework, land was claimed by European monarchs as a way of defending the Christian faith. language revitalization, The Anglican Church of Canada operated 36 residential schools and 150 day schools.

Abstract Water

Thank you for your generosity during Advent Conspiracy 2021!











In November and December 2021, $4,530 was donated towards the Mishamikoweesh Water Partnership.  This is amazing considering how long Pimatisiwin Nipi and Trinity FNMI have been advocating for safe, clean water to be available in the homes of Indigenous communities. 


The Trinity Endowment Fund contributed $2,000 for Pimatisiwin Nipi at Vestry 2021 so the parish has once again made a significant contribution towards establishing the right relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

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