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79 Victoria Street

Aurora, Ontario

L4G 1R3


Marble Surface


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Parking at Trinity

The church parking lot has space for 50 vehicles with an entrance on Metcalfe and exit on Victoria. There are also plenty of designated accessibility spaces. In the case that our lot is full, street parking is permitted.

On Sunday mornings, there is additional parking across from Trinity in the Public Library parking lot (on the north side of Church St between Yonge and Victoria)

Accessibility Options

Trinity Aurora is fully accessible to those using various mobility assistance devices. Wheelchair ramps and motorized doors are at both main entrances to the church, and there are clearly marked accessibility parking spaces reserved near the main doors in the rear parking lot.

We also have an assistive-listening system in the church. Please ask one of the greeters or someone in the sound booth (at the back of the church) for a receiver.

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