Tropical Leaves

green team initiative


When Jesus asked his followers to spread the gospel message, He didn’t say, “Peter, I want you to go and personally tell everyone in the world about the Good News.”  He sent his disciples out in pairs.  No one can affect change all by themselves.


With all the tornados, wildfires, floods, droughts, earthquakes, etc. in the news lately, it’s difficult to believe that any of us can make a difference to climate change. However, it’s all the little things put together that will make things better.  The community working together can succeed.

So Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is not just a cute saying. It must become a way of life. Many of us have so much stuff that we actually rent units to store it!  Hopefully being isolated during Covid 19 has shown us that we need to re-examine our lifestyle, specifically our relationship with our "stuff" – (especially all that stuff hidden away that could be helping other people) and that we need to learn to think and act as a community.

That being said, there is a number of choices we can make that help combat climate change.  Consider getting electric or battery-powered gardening tools rather than gas-powered. When purchasing new appliances, first make sure that the old one can’t be repaired, and if that is not an option, choose one with an Energy Star rating. Check online reviews to ensure you're buying something that won't break down too soon. 

Think longevity when purchasing furniture, electronics, clothes, etc. It may cost a little more upfront, but it will save money in the long run by lasting longer, require fewer repairs and won't end up in a landfill. 

You can also try a little old-fashioned know-how. Keep your window coverings closed during the hot days.  Moderate your use of your air conditioner. (If you come in from outside and it feels cold, you probably could raise the temperature a bit.) Open the windows and use fans to draw in the cooler air at night. 

Or how about an electric car?

Trinity is in the process of getting quotes to put charging stations in the parking lot. Electric cars are the way of the future - the very near future! Stay tuned for further developments.

What better way for the Trinity community to say “We care about God’s Creation and are trying to do something to sustain it?”


If this initiative is of special interest to you, please contact: Rev. Karen, Reneeor Linda.