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Reduce, RE-USE, and finally (if you must) Recycle

Attention Coffee and Tea Drinkers:


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Have you ever noticed how many tea bags and how many coffee grounds you put in your Green Bin? 


As your Green Team and the purveyors of Fair Trade Coffee and Tea, we would like to offer you some suggestions for re-using those grounds and tea bags.



Tea bags/Leaves can be used to remove odours. Suppose your hands smell like onion, garlic, cigarettes, seafood, etc.Just use a dampened USED teabag and rub it over your hands.(It works, I tried it)


Tea bags can also be used as carpet deodorizer, sprinkle loose leaves on your carpet and vacuum as usual.


Add nitrogen to your soil in houseplants or in your garden with used tea bags/leaves. They also help with water retention and attract worms. They can be used to start seeds in and then just planted


Tea bags can be used as glass cleaners. Cold tea can also be used in a spray bottle to clean glass.



Used coffee grounds are a good deodorizer. However, they are also abrasive. Use them in the bottom of the trash, in a container in the fridge or in your teenage son’s shoes!


You can grow mushrooms in Coffee grounds.


Coffee grounds add nitrogen to your garden. Grounds are especially good for carrots. Coffee grounds also repel ants and slugs from your garden or around the base of your house.


Compost which is 40% coffee grounds produces the least amount of Green House Gases and makes the highest quality compost.



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