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Reduce, RE-USE, and Recycle

What to do with all those used batteries?


We buy about half a billion a year.  The States is about 3 billion.  Then there is the rest of the world. AA, AAA, button, C, D, 9v, rechargeable and Li-on - all the batteries we buy to run all the little gadgets we can’t live without – like the TV remote.   

Disposing batteries...

While they are easy to use and relatively easy to purchase, they are a royal pain to dispose of. Worse yet, they have two significant drawbacks when disposing of them. 

1.     They are toxic waste. Batteries contain substances such as sulphuric acid, mercury, nickel, cadmium, lead, and other dangerous materials that can leak into the water system.  

2.     Used batteries can cause fires. In fact, several fires have occurred at York Region waste depots due to batteries being thrown in the garbage or recycling. Yikes! When crushed or overheated in the garbage and recycling trucks or at waste depots they can catch fire.  

It's important to dispose of batteries safely! 


York Region offers some tips for the safe disposal of spent batteries: 

·        NEVER put batteries in your garbage or recycling. Just a reminder: laptops, cell phones and power banks are e-waste.  

·        REMOVE the batteries from whatever device they operate and dispose of the batteries separately. Laptops, scooters, smoke alarms, toys, etc.         

·        STORE New and Used batteries at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, metal, heat sources or flammable materials. For example, don’t leave them in a hot car. 

·        Lithium-ion (cell phone, power tools, e-cigarettes) are particularly difficult as they tend to damage easily and are more prone to ignite.  Store them separately or put tape over the terminals. 

·        Batteries should be stored in such a way that their terminals do not touch each other.  Think of how they are when you purchase them; in fact, save the packaging and reuse it. 

·        COVER the terminal ends with tape before bringing them to a battery collection site. 

Good news!


There are numerous locations in our area that accept used batteries. (Please separate the regular and rechargeable.)  A few of the convenient drop-off locations include: 

  • Staples

  • Home Hardware

  • Home Depot

  • Canadian Tire

  • Hearing Life York Hearing Clinic

  • Longo’s

  • Best Buy

  • East Gwillimbury Household Hazardous Waste drop off (Woodbine/Davis Drive) 


Check for more information on drop-off points. 

Reduce and Reuse by using rechargeable batteries, and Recycle to protect our Environment!


We are always looking for your support!

Let's connect.


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