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Wednesday Mid-Week Communion

From the Book of Common Prayer

Trinity offers a variety of different worship experiences and styles as we recognize that Anglicans worship and connect with God in a variety of ways.

White Structure

On Wednesdays at 10:30 AM, we are pleased to offer a traditional Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion service in “classic” Anglican style. For those who appreciate the old-fashioned service with the traditional language of the Prayer Book, this is the service for you!

We are also pleased to begin offering this service in the traditional setting of the chancel and choir stalls of our historic chapel at the high altar. 

We are grateful to Cora Vande Beek who has so lovingly cleaned up the chancel and restored it to its former glory! We are also grateful to Bob Groves, our sexton, who has been doing some much-needed painting and touch-up work in the historic chapel.

It is a privilege to use this special space in which our spiritual ancestors have worshipped for generations.

We are always looking for your support! Let's connect.


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