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Your continued support of Trinity by maintaining your contributions through these challenging times for all is greatly appreciated.

P.A.G. - Say What Now?

PAG stands for Pre-Authorized Giving and is the solution to easy giving! It's a method which ensures that, no matter whether or not you can find your chequebook, make it to the bank machine and still get to the service on time, or even get to church at all, your donation to the wonderful programs at Trinity willl still be made.

If you ever want to change the amount you are giving, you can email her and make the request easily. Of course, extra donations will always be welcome (and added to your yearly receipt) each week in the offertory plate (when Corporate worship continues) and, for those using PAG, your name tag will still have a token slip that you can place in the plate during the service if this is your desire. We are also looking into e-transfers. We will let you know when that becomes available.

Get Started

To get started, you only click the button below to download the form. After filling it out, please send it to the confidential email of and she will ensure it is set up as per your instructions.

Interac e-Transfer

NEW!!!  Contribute to Trinity through Interac e-Transfer

For those parishioners not already signed up for PAG, Trinity Aurora now has an alternate way for you to continue making your regular contributions. You can make your contribution from the comfort of your home using Interac e-transfer through your online banking.
First you have to setup Trinity Aurora as a payee and use the email address to make the transfer

***Very Important***

In the e-transfer Message Box, please enter your name and mailing address. All donations through e-transfer are automatically deposited into the General/Ministry Fund. If you wish your e-transfer to go to another fund, then please enter that information into the Message box along with your name and mailing address. 
If prompted, please use Trinity as the security answer to e-transfer funds to Trinity. Please be in touch with our Bookkeeper ( if you need assistance with making a donation through e-transfer.
Your continued support of Trinity by maintaining your contributions through these challenging times for all is greatly appreciated.

Donate through Canada Helps

  Click to open form ⇩

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Writing Letters

offertory envelopes

Please call the church office or email if you would like offertory envelopes.

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Trinity Anglican Church of Aurora is part of the Diocese of Toronto and the Anglican Church of Canada


Office Hours are 8:30 AM to 4 PM Tuesday to Friday. We always check emails and phone messages on a regular basis during the business day. The office will be closed on Mondays until further notice.


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