The Help Cupboard

So many of us are starting to see the light at the end of the pandemic, and as we take small steps in moving back into our comfort zones, we need to remember that many of us, living here in our own community, don’t have a comfort zone on critical things like food to return to.


Our own Help Cupboard is the only 24/7 source of emergency food supplies in Aurora, and it is an important part of the safety net for families who don’t have enough food on their tables. Through the pandemic, the problem has been increasing. The Help Cupboard continues to have regular use with untold numbers of people taking only what they need, knowing there will be more food in the cupboard tomorrow.


This is an incredibly important ministry and we all can make a difference. The men’s group thanks those who already are supporting the Help Cupboard. If you have never donated, that’s ok, but please consider starting now.

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Please continue to follow our suggested guidelines:

  • Donate with a healthy meal in mind. For example, pasta on its own doesn’t make a meal, but pasta with sauce is a great donation  

  • For food safety, no opened containers, or repackaged goods, like sandwich bags of food

  • Avoid gifting things you wouldn’t eat yourself, or close to expiry/expired

  • We get a lot of white and black beans, and they don’t move

With pandemic restrictions easing, Trinity is open again, meaning you can deposit food on the red wagon or on the table just inside the doors.  Our new parish Administrator, Kelly, is in the office Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.  Ring the bell and she can let you in if you wish to drop food items off inside.  The Men’s Group will continue to fill the cupboard daily and any support you can provide is deeply appreciated.


We thank you so much for your support!


We are always looking for your support!

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