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Fr. Dan's course

Six Thursdays from April 4th to May 9th, 2024

10:30 -11:30 am – in person (Church Chapel) 

8 -9 pm – online (Zoom)

Our long-awaited 'second season' of the Act of the Apostles 'Netflix Series' (aka study group) is just around the corner!

The Acts of the Apostles, the sequel to the Gospel of Luke is an important witness to the origin and early day of the Church. Acts recounts the further adventures of followers of Jesus, such as Peter, John, and Philip, as well those who came to faith later like the Apostle Paul.


In this second part course, we will resume several key episodes in the Acts of the Apostles, seeking to understand the historical context, the theological vision revealed in the narrative of the story, and what the message of Acts means for us today.

Beginning in Eastertide, we will gather again in the 'writers' room' to look at several of the key episodes in the Acts of the Apostles, set the scene, cast the characters, and tell the story fresh for a new time.   

To register: email Father Dan Graves at

(please specify which session you would like to attend)

We are always looking for your support! Let's connect.


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