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Surgical Mask

Quick Reference Guide for In-Person Worship

Before Coming to Church

  • Register online in advance, for the upcoming Sunday 9:00 AM service. 

  • Registration opens each Monday morning and closes each Friday at noon (or sooner, if all spots are filled), for the upcoming Sunday service.

  • For each person planning to attend,

    • list their name and contact information

    • answer basic health screening questions

  • No computer or internet access?  Please connect with a “registration buddy” to help you register online.  Or as a last resort, call the church office and leave a message on the general voicemail box.

  • The number of attendees is strictly limited – if the maximum is reached for the upcoming Sunday, there will not be any more registrations available.  If you were able to attend in-person worship the prior Sunday, consider waiting until Tuesday to register, to give others an opportunity to attend worship.

  • You can always join Trinity’s 9 AM Sunday worship via YouTube live-stream if you are unable to join in-person worship.

When Arriving at Church


  • Please take care of your “bathroom needs” at home before arrival; upstairs washrooms are only for urgent needs.

  • Arrival and entry begin at 8:30 AM to 8:45 AM – no last-minute rush, please!

  • Entry will be via the church parking lot doors only (Metcalfe St, east side of the building).  Line up, staying 6 feet apart.

  • Bring and wear a mask at all times (face shields and masks with vents are not approved).

  • Show your service ticket (paper or electronic).

  • Reaffirm your health status.

  • Keep your coats, umbrellas, etc, with you at all times.

On Entry

  • Sanitize your hands.

  • Continue to wear your mask.

  • Obtain a paper order of service (or download the order of service on your phone/tablet, to save paper! Link available here).

  • Follow directions from greeters.

  • Sit only where designated and/or indicated (people in the same family/bubble can sit together).

  • Stay 6 feet apart.

  • Socialize with the mask on and safely distanced (and ideally outside).

During the Worship Service

  • Remain in your place except as directed.

  • Observe the Peace with smiles, words, or gestures from your place.

  • Refrain from singing.

  • For Communion (optional - all are welcome to participate to the extent of your comfort), come forward as directed in single file.

  • Receive the host (bread) in your hands, mask on, and then move as directed to the side.

  • When at the side, remove your mask only to consume the consecrated bread, then put your mask back on.

  • Continue to stay 6 feet apart at all times.

When the Service is Over

  • Continue to wear your mask and stay 6 feet apart.

  • Follow directions from clergy and/or greeters for orderly exiting the service.

  • Take everything with you, including your order of service and used children's activity packets.

  • Exit through the parking lot side doors (Metcalfe Street, east side), maintaining 6 feet distancing from everyone.

  • Refrain from gathering at exits, vestibules or walkways.

If You Have Children

  • Church School is offered online only; children attending in-person worship must remain with their family for the whole service.

  • Use masks, except for those 2 and under.

  • Bring your own toys and snacks or get a package from the greeters.

  • Do not share items or leave anything behind.

Special Circumstances Or Individual Needs?

  • Worshippers with mobility or accessibility issues or other health needs should advise and take direction from the greeters.

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