Progressive Christianity Group

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Monday 7:30 PM

Lead by Cathy Gross & Lenore Pressley

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Progressive Christianity Group
Progressive Christianity Group

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Progressive Christianity Group
Progressive Christianity Group

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Session Description



Our small group will once again meet on Zoom starting September 20, 2021 at 7:30 pm.

In lieu of using another book, we have decided we will have discussions around how we see God, who was Jesus, how has our faith changed over the years and other questions or concerns we have around our faith.

We invite anyone who is interested to join us as we connect and discuss our spiritual journeys with each other as comfort permits. It is an opportunity to consider how your faith has changed and grown.

If interested, please contact the church office or notify Cathy Gross or Lenore Pressley so that we can add you to our group and forward the Zoom link.

Syllabus for Zoom meetings September – November 2021
Rather than tackle yet another book on Zoom, we thought this fall would be a good time to gather up, name and consolidate and share our faith journeys.
• How has our faith changed and grown?
• Are there issues that are problematic and/or confusing?
• What questions do we have?
• Are there things that disturb us?
• Are we excited by our spiritual growth?
• What nourishes us?
• Milestones that have led to transformation.

As always, no one is expected to share beyond a personal comfort level and there are no wrong questions as we search together.
There will be times when you choose to listen rather than share but that is still engaging with the topic.
“They also serve who only stand and wait”

Monday, September 20
• Welcome, greetings, catching up
• Review of confidentiality and respecting of the varieties of our individual faith journeys
• Discussion: How have our images of God changed from childhood to now

Monday, September 27
• Prayer: if our images of God have changed, how has that affected prayer
• How do we pray, why do we pray, what do we expect from prayer

Monday, October 4
• Who is Jesus for you?

Monday, October 11 (Thanksgiving Monday – to be decided)
• If atonement theology no longer works for you, what understanding of Jesus’ death has replaced it?

Monday, October 18
• Is Christianity the only true religion
• What encounters have you had with people/ideas/spirituality of other faith traditions?

Monday, October25
• Liturgy: what moves you and contributes to your spiritual growth?

Monday, November 1 and Monday, November 8
• Share a book, talk, conference, retreat, music, course or life experience that has profoundly influenced your faith journey

Monday, November 15
• Thinking on Advent

Monday, November 22
• If necessary!

Cathy and Lenore