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Surprising News From an Angel

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The Angel Gabriel
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I wonder...

  • What is the most surprising news you have received?  How did you feel at that moment?

  • What helps you when you are asked to do something that seems very difficult?

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Imagine you are alone, young, and uncertain of your future.

You have been given news that will change your life forever. 

A responsibility that carries stigma, uncertainty, and consequences.

But it also holds so much joy, peace and hope for the world.

In this time, it’s the words of the angel that shine through the darkness:

Do not be afraid. 


For this is all a part of God’s plan.

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Long, long ago in a land far away, where the weather was warm during the day and cool in the evening, there lived a young woman named Mary...


She was engaged to Joseph, a carpenter.  One day while Mary was sitting in the garden, she was unexpectedly surrounded by a brilliant light. 


Through the glow, she heard the voice of the angel, Gabriel.

“Mary! Mary, do not be frightened,” Gabriel said. “You have been chosen by God to have a very special baby boy, whom you will call Jesus.  He will grow up and people will call him the Son of the Most High.  He will be a great King, whose kingdom will never end.” 


But Mary was confused and frightened because she was not yet married.  Gabriel told her not to be afraid and that the Holy Spirit would come to her, and she would have a holy baby, the Son of God.


Mary bowed her head and prayed “I am a servant of the Lord and I will bear God’s son because God has chosen me.  May it happen just as Gabriel has said.”

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