COVAID Small Group

Doug Leitch & Cathy Gross

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Every Other Thursday 7:30 PM

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COVID-19 has changed human interaction, globally. Trinity Church is delighted to support the need for us to COnnect VIA Distance (COVAID) with each other, with the specific intent of sharing our situations in a safe space, including the joys, concerns, fears, and hopes we might be facing...

We have so much enjoyed learning and sharing about the diversity of experiences that make up our lives we decided to bite our skate blades into the fresh ice of a January freeze and glide through stories of our own experiences. Walking on plowed snowbanks to school, home for lunch, making a rink, snow forts and snowball fights, that perfect packing snow, and the biggest rolled snowball ever. Maybe hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace. We didn’t all grow up in an Ontario winter, and there must be many more images and activities to share. We are looking forward to sharing and laughing!

Our next sharing is on January 21st, at 7:30pm. You are welcome to join us to share, or just enjoy the chance to connect by listening to others. COVAID exists to let us all COnnect VIA Distance during this challenging time.

All previous participants will get the link directly! If this is your first time, please send an email to either Cathy at 905-727-1638 and or Doug at 905-868-5798 and and they will send you both a Zoom link as well as a phone call-in number if that is your preference for joining.

We look forward to connecting!

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COVAID Small Group