COVAID Gathering

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Thursday 7:20 PM

Lead by Doug Leitch & Cathy Gross

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COVAID Gathering
COVAID Gathering

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COVAID Gathering
COVAID Gathering

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Our next COVAID Zoom gathering is scheduled for Thursday, October 28th.

So much is in the Bulb and the Bud!

October is bulb planting time in Southern Ontario. Did you ever wonder exactly why that is? It seems the bulbs require a long period of cool temperatures to spark the biochemical process that cause them to flower in the spring. They also need to be in the ground up to four weeks before the earth freezes, which is hard to predict every year, so October tends to be the time to plant. We also know that the buds are set now for spring and push the autumn leaves off the trees.

So the bulbs and the buds know that from the old, new life will burst forth! They also know that there is a waiting time in between. As we slowly emerge from the waiting days of the pandemic, what are we pushing away, what are we germinating that will invite life to flourish again but in a changed way? Cathy and I look forward to listening, sharing and learning as we wrestle with this metaphor for our lives this October.

Our next gathering is on October 28th, at 7:20pm. We will gather to chat then and gear up our topic at 7:30pm. All are welcome to join us to share, or just enjoy the chance to connect by listening to others. COVAID exists to let us all COnnect ViA Internet Distance during this challenging time.

If this is your first visit, please send an email to either Cathy at 905-727-1638 and or Doug at 905-868-5798 and so we will know to welcome you in from the waiting room.

As usual…..we look forward to connecting! 😊

Cathy and Doug