COVAID Gathering

Doug Leitch & Cathy Gross

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Every Other Thursday 7:20 PM

COVAID Gathering
COVAID Gathering

COVAID Gathering
COVAID Gathering


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Thank you all for your input on this summer and how you would like to see our group connect.

Based on the voting, our plan will be to have one Gathering a month, July 15th, and August 19th. As we get closer, and we know more about how the lockdown is progressing, or perhaps regressing, depending on your perspective, we might try to do the August one in person. Lots of time to figure that out. There will be the usual notes to come on both dates, but if you are a calendar keener, mark those dates now!!!

If this is your first visit, please send an email to either Cathy at 905-727-1638 and or Doug at 905-868-5798 and so we will know to welcome you in from the waiting room.

We look forward to connecting!