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Confirmation Preparation

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Lead by Rev. Dan Graves

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Father Dan offers a six-session Confirmation/Catechesis program for those interested in Confirmation, Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows, or Reception into the Anglican Communion.

As a consequence of the pandemic we are not sure when the next set of confirmations will take place. However, we wish to offer the opportunity for people to learn about their faith together in a friendly and supportive environment. We have been having much success in conducting faith formation and Christian education course over zoom and as such, this program will be offered over zoom until such time as we can meet again in person.

The course will cover “Christian Basics” such as:
+ The Bible: What’s in it and how do we read it?
+ Prayer: Developing a discipline of prayer and a rule of life.
+ Theology 101: The Creeds and what the Church believes about God.
+ Worship: How we meet God when we gather.
+ Service: How does our faith help us to engage in the world and our community?
+ Anglican Identity: What is distinctive about our own tradition?

This course is open to any teens or adults interested in learning more about Christianity and their faith whether or not you are interested in confirmation.

Times and dates will be posted closer to Easter based on the availability of the attendees. We may run more than one group concurrently.

Please contact Fr. Dan Graves, if you are interested.

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