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Our journey continues, with hope...

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Silent Night
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What a wondrous sight!  Take a quiet moment to reflect on all we have seen and heard.  

This part of our story has come to a wonderful end.  The shepherds will return home, glorifying and praising God for all they’d heard and seen.  The wise men will travel back, too, but they will take a different route home.  And Mary will watch all these things and remember them in her heart, just as we remember them today. 

Jesus was God’s gift of love and peace to us all…the best gift of all.  

Merry Christmas!

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I wonder...

  • How will Christmas be different, this year? 

  • How will it be the same?

  • What special memories will you treasure, this year?

  • What are you most hopeful for?

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In a time of fear and anxiety, there is also wonder and joy.

In a time of darkness, we can shine a light for hope and look for the light in others.

In a Christmastime where everything is different, remember that the hope of a tiny baby born long ago is always with us.

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