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The Journey Begins...

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Welcome to our journey through the special story of Christmas. 


During this Advent time of waiting, we prepare, like the people of Israel did long ago for the arrival of a King. 


This was no ordinary king. 


This King had no army, no great house, and no riches. 


This King was a baby who was born in a stable. 


This King was Our Saviour. 


And we await his coming still. 

Let’s journey to Bethlehem, and look for the shepherds, the angels, the Holy Family, and the Magi on their journey long ago. 


We will find the mystery and wonder of Christmas, as we experience the story and enjoy carol music together...

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I wonder...

  • What will happen on this journey?

  • When was a time you had to wait for something?  Was it hard or easy for you?

  • Is travelling the only way we journey?  Are there other ways?

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You live in a time of uncertainty.  


Your plans are disrupted.  


People around you are sick, or hungry, or feeling imprisoned.  


Would you undertake a journey to escape your situation?  


Could help arrive in time to save you?  


What would that help look like?  A political leader?  A medical cure?  A hug?  


Help is coming...

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