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Lenten Devotionals

In an effort to help you observe a Holy Lent, please find the following resources that you may wish to use for study and prayer.

Lenten Devotional are now available! They can be picked up directly from the church, or contact Val Keith for a drop-off.  

May you have a Blessed Lent!

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Behold the Lamb - Lenten Reflections from Canadian Anglicans

In an effort to make Lent a holy time for you Fr. Jonathan Turtle of the Parish of Craighurst and Midhurst has this daily devotional for use during the season. There are 47 different entries, one for each day, containing 47 different passages of Scripture and a devotional reflection from 47 different Anglicans across Canada (including Fr. Dan Graves). We offer this resource to you in humility and gratitude and pray that it helps you grow nearer to our Lord in faith this Lent.


A resource created by The Bishop’s Committee on Creation Care Diocese of Toronto


Created by Sylvia Keesmaat with The Bishop’s Committee on Creation Care For the people of the Diocese of Toronto

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